Mike is happy to work in whatever capacity is required.

Lighting Cameraman

Making the most of a video depends mainly on two elements: framing a shot to its best advantage, and lighting it appropriately. Mike is first-rate at both. In addition, he is adept at helping to put interviewees at ease

An Extra Camera

Sometimes a shoot will require a second or third unit for just part of the overall production. Mike has both worked in this capacity and hired other crews to work for him in the same role.

Blue/Green Screen

Shooting against a blue or green screen (usually for interviews) requires a great deal of technical skill. Mike has been using this technique for a great number of years.


Timelapse camerawork is another specialised area. Mike has an in-depth knowledge of the various techniques available, and can produce timelapse results to suit virtually any budget.

Other Services

Mike is also able to arrange a whole host of other services from companies he has personally worked with including: